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Sharia Adventurous

The objective of this portfolio is to generate greater capital growth over the longer term, with a focus on growth based assets, by investing in Sharia compliant investment vehicles and this portfolio may experience periods of acute changes in value.

This portfolio is actively managed, and will consist of Sharia equities, Sukuk bonds and commodities to manage risk and enhance returns. Equity exposure is likely to range between 75-95% allowing managers to adapt to short term changes within investment markets.

All the investments held within the portfolios have been overseen by a Sharia Board to confirm they comply with Islamic ethics, so investors and their advisors can rest easy knowing they are making the right decisions.

Inception Date Jan-21
No. of holdings  9
Minimum Investment Any size
Accessibility GIA, ISA, SIPP, JISA, Life Wrapper
Overall portfolio yield 0.70%
Annual management charge (AMC) 0.50%
Ongoing portfolio charge (OCF)* 1.04%
Active/passive exposure 59.50% / 40.50%
*The ongoing charge of the portfolio does not include AMC, platform provider or adviser fees
Top 5 Holdings
HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index AC 17.00%
Aberdeen Standard Islamic Glbl Eq X GBP 15.00%
Comgest Growth Europe S EUR S Acc 15.00%
iShares MSCI USA Islamic ETF USD Dist 12.50%
iShares MSCI EM Islamic ETF USD Dist 10.00%
Total 69.50%
AA Adventurous

Our Platform Providers

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