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About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to improve the life of Muslims by offering investment solutions which are aligned with their religious values

Our Founders

They began working together at a boutique private bank in 2019. Both bring with them a vast experience within the investment world and they, collectively, have over 25 years’ experience within the industry.

They created Invest Sharia with one goal, equality. It has been documented that, globally, Muslims are 20% poorer than the rest of the world, and that approximately half of all Muslims residing in the UK live in the 10% poorest of areas. At Invest Sharia, we aim to change this by providing guidance to clients on investments which meet Sharia requirements and have tended to be overlooked.

Invest Sharia offer the choice of 5 model portfolios, dependant on the client’s level of risk. All of our model portfolios meet the investment criteria of the Islamic Faith and are accessible on a number of different platforms.