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Top-performing portfolios,
matched to you

Show a little flair with an actively managed portfolio matched to your investing style which is in keeping with your religious beliefs

Invest with confidence, the easy way

Keep your investing simple with one of five Islamic ready-to-go portfolios matched to your goals and investing style. Our expert team actively manage your investments so you can be sure you’ve always got the perfect mix of hard-working assets, handpicked from around the world. Safe from excess volatility, your portfolio leaves you confident to enjoy market opportunities and growth anywhere and everywhere.


What we do

Firstly and most importantly we make sure the investments held in the funds meet the principles of Islam.


We manage

To add value and by using the expertise of the team we will make selective calls to as and when we should have a risk-on or risk-off approach but staying within our parameters.



Over time the fund can drift and we automatically rebalance the funds. This has no repercussions to your tax status as all rebalances are dealt with internally.

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Investing in low-cost multi-asset funds means you can continue to focus on what is important in your life while we continue to manage your assets within your chosen fund.

Low Fee

Our strengths lie within investments and making sure our client’s money is invested in the correct manner. We also feel our clients can benefit greater by us just offering investment solutions across multi-platforms so they have the freedom to choose the most efficient tax-efficient wrappers. (e.g ISA, JISA, LISA & SIPPs) 


Seeking potential for greater capital growth

Equity Range 75%-95%
High Risk
LongTerm 10Years

Seeking capital growth

Equity Range 65%-85%
Medium/High Risk
Medium/LongTerm 7-10Years

Seeking growth via a mixture of income and capital

Equity Range 55%-75%
Medium Risk
Medium Term 5-7Years

Seeking above inflation returns

Equity Range 45%-65%
Below Medium Risk
Short/Medium Term 3-5 years

Seeking to generate returns greater than cash deposits

Equity Range 15%-35%
Low Risk
Short Term >3years

What we invest in

Following our Sharia investment screen, your portfolio is built from a number of high-quality providers to ensure sufficient diversification. whilst meeting your religious principles

Global Equities

Global stocks are mainly from the developed markets of the world. These are diversified investments across sectors and geographies and generally follow a large-cap value investment style.


Sukuks (Islamic Bonds)

A Sukuk is a bond-like instrument used in Islamic Finance.

It gives investors partial ownership in an asset, while conventional bonds are indirect interest-bearing debt obligations. 

Both vehicles provide investors with an income stream, however, Sukuk holders receive a share of profits from the underlying asset while bondholders receive an interest (Riba) payment which is prohibited for Islamic investments.



To further diversify our funds we also have the ability to invest within global real estate and commodities such as Gold & Silver.


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